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Do you need to hire a tax attorney? A lot depends on your situation. Of course, you may need a tax attorney if you have gotten into any kind of a dispute with the IRS. But many businesses have a tax attorney on retainer so that they or their accountant can receive specialist advice on tax law whenever necessary. This allows them to set up their business in the best way for tax purposes and can avoid some expensive mistakes.

For an individual, the most common reason for hiring a tax attorney is that they are under investigation by the IRS. In this situation it is very important to know exactly what the law says and find out whether you have broken it, either by something you have done or by something you have omitted to do. A tax lawyer can help you with these questions.

Clearly, if you have been accused of tax fraud you will need a good lawyer to defend you. This type of case usually goes to court and you will want to find a tax attorney who has experience of defending fraud cases. There may be room for plea bargaining or the lawyer may be able to find precedents to support your defense. A lawyer who does not specialize in tax law would be likely out of his or her depth in this situation.

However, fraud cases are rare and many people who are investigated by the IRS are not intentionally guilty of anything. A lot of people think that they should not need a lawyer if they have done nothing wrong. This may be true, but it is also often the case that people break laws because they do not know about them. A tax lawyer will warn you about things you may have been doing that the IRS would not approve of.

There are also situations where a private individual wants to dispute a ruling by the IRS. Then your attorney would negotiate with the IRS for you. Perhaps you might even want to sue the IRS. In that case you would certainly need a qualified attorney. The IRS have a huge number of lawyers on the payroll whose only job is to study and apply tax law. You need somebody to interact with them on your behalf at the same level.

As we have said, businesses often hire a tax attorney from the get go, especially when they are setting up new operations. This enables the business to be structured in a way that makes the most of tax laws. You may want to do something similar if you are a private individual or family setting up a trust.

If your business or financial interests span international borders, you may benefit from tax advice. International taxation is a complicated business. If you are not careful you could be double taxed, paying tax on the same income to two different jurisdictions. Many countries have tax agreements to prevent this situation, but in some countries the possibility still applies. In other countries it is possible not to be taxed at all.

Besides this, you will find that the level of taxation varies widely in different countries. Therefore, an international enterprise will want to make the most of this by setting up business in such a way that they pay the lowest rates of tax. This is a complex situation and you will want an international tax attorney to help you through the maze.

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