Case Study

Read the case study carefully and check out any vocabulary you don't know.


James has just finished a university degree in computing and is looking for a job with an IT company. During the summer holiday, he worked for a small IT company in London to gain some work experience.

To begin his job search, and to improve his chances of getting a job, James goes to the library to look at books on how to write a resume and cover letters. After a lot of time and effort, James finishes his resume and asks friends and family members to look at it. They all agree that his resume is impressive and he should be able to find work quickly.

After several weeks of looking for work, he has sent his resume to a large number of companies and posted his resume online. He has not heard back from many of them and is beginning to wonder if his applications got lost in a black hole. His friends advise him to go to speak to a recruitment agency. There, he meets Mark, an expert on helping people find jobs in the IT industry. Mark tells him that it is really hard to find work at the moment, as so many people have been made redundant. This means that there are lots of very well qualified people looking for work, so less-qualified people and new graduates are finding it harder. But that with the right attitude and some hard work, James should find a job.

James is starting to think that he will never find a job when his aunt Sheila asks him to come over and fix her computer. She offers to pay him and tells him that her friend Peter also needs help with his computer. James is starting to see a business opportunity. He now plans to set up a business instead of looking for work. He is going to fix computers and teach people how to use them.




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What comes next?

In the first exercise, you have to rewrite the text in the correct order. You have to choose 'what comes next'.

Email Writing

In the second exercise, you have to fill in all the missing words. Tip- try 'the' first.

Email Writing


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