E-mail Writing

Read the email carefully and check out any vocabulary you don't know.


Dear Sir,
I stayed in your Manchester hotel last Thursday. I had a terrible 
experience and I now wish to make a complaint.
On arrival, about 4.30 p.m., I was informed that my room was not ready 
as the hotel was full (as there was a wedding party staying.) I had to 
wait in the reception area for 35 minutes before I could get access to 
my room. No complementary tea or other refreshments were provided by 
your staff as I waited.
On access to my room, I immediately noticed that somebody had been 
smoking in it, even though I had asked for a non-smoking room. In 
addition, the room contained two single beds when I had specifically 
ordered a double bed. I went down to reception and asked for a 
different room but was told that no other rooms were available.
When I looked in my bathroom, I noticed that there was no soap. I had to 
phone down to reception and then wait for half an hour before 
housekeeping provided me with any.
I had intended to eat in the hotel restaurant but when I came 
downstairs I was told that the restaurant was fully booked by the 
wedding party. I went back to my room and ordered room service. I had 
to wait for ninety minutes and the food was lukewarm when I received it.
During the night, I was kept awake by people speaking loudly, and even 
singing, in the corridor outside my room. I rang down to reception on 
three occasions but no action was taken.
On checking out the next morning, I asked to speak to the manager but 
he was unavailable. On my bill, I noticed that I was billed for 
several drinks from the minibar in my room. Needless to say, I didn't 
have anything to drink.
I have had a terrible experience at your hotel. I demand adequate 
compensation or I will take my story to the newspapers.

Yours faithfully,




Now try these two exercises. (You will probably need to click at the top of your browser to allow these programs to run.)

What comes next?

In the first exercise, you have to rewrite the text in the correct order. You have to choose 'what comes next'.

Email Writing

In the second exercise, you have to fill in all the missing words. Tip- try 'the' first.

Email Writing


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