Writing 10

Read the email carefully and check out any vocabulary you don’t know. 

Dear Mr Avis,

I’m writing to you again regarding the £5232 that your company owes to  
my company.

You received delivery of our goods more than three months ago. You  
were well aware that payment was due at thirty days. However, you have  
made no attempt whatsoever to pay us.

When we spoke to you two weeks ago, you told us that a cheque was “in  
the post”. No such cheque has been received.

Unless we get full and final payment within five working days, we  
shall have no alternative but to pursue this matter through the courts.

Yours sincerely,

H. Segal

Now try these two exercises. (You will probably need to click at the top of your browser to allow these programs to run.) 

What comes next?

In the first exercise, you have to rewrite the text in the correct order. You have to choose ‘what comes next’.


In the second exercise, you have to fill in all the missing words. Tip- try ‘the’ first.